Precious Things

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My work often uses animals as the representation of this in between state. Beings that exist between us and inanimate objects. In particular not domestic or exotic animals, but those familiar and yet un-anthropomorphised – fish, birds, rabbits and horses. Animals that exist captivity and yet behave completely instinctually. Representing the uncanny, ‘the other’, existing with us and yet beyond our understanding.

In Precious Things I was exploring a goldfish signification as a beautiful, but essentially decorative object. However much like the crystal, although we measure these objects in terms of their mere perceived superficial beauty, in fact they are both miracles of nature far more unique and ancient and beautiful than we give them credit. They have existed long before humans categorised them as such, and will exist long after.

Precious Things I was exhibited in Visions 2015, at the Hoxton Arches, London



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