Once Apon a Dream: The Uncanny, Catharsis and Disneyland (Feature-length Documentary)

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A feature-length documentary  ‘ONCE APON A DREAM : THE UNCANNY, CATHARSIS AND FANTASY. THE SUBCONSCIOUS TRUTHS OF DISNEYLAND’s is a study of artificial immersive environments – Disneyland and Las Vegas – as non-fiction narrative experiences.

The study outlined a reading of spaces of ‘hyperreality’ or ‘unreality’ as having parallels to Cinema, but in particular as outlining ‘facts’ or ‘truths’ in the same mode as Documentary Cinema, with reference to Psychoanalysis, Art Theory, and Philosophy of Media and Image. The essay film discusses Reality, Truth, Fiction, Mimesis and the Uncanny. It makes an argument for a definition of documentary that would include spaces such as Las Vegas and other non-fiction immersive spaces, designed to convey specific narratives of history or reality.

This is a found footage film completed at part of my dissertation, I do not own any rights to the images and sound used unless specified.


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