TrueLove (Mixed Reality Performance) – Creative Producer R&D phase

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TrueLove is a dark comedy/documentary from Jane Gauntlett about personal data and future technology, combining interactive theatre and mixed reality headsets (MR). It explores the impact that shared data and technology might have on our future encounters.

TrueLove draws inspiration from:

  • Dating Websites*
  • Anti-Ageing Creams**
  • Medical Trials***
  • Scientific Research****

*Exposure. The data we reveal.

** Deception. Online fraud.

*** Exploitation. Cancelled for ethical reasons.

**** Impact. Future technology.

“TrueLove is a dark comedy/documentary which explores the impact that shared data and future technology can have on our relationships. It is an interactive theater piece, combining hypnoses with mixed reality (MR). The project should be experienced by two people simultaneously, using hololenses, in a date-like setting.

Initially, we wanted to make a piece about how our personal data is being used, but then the whole Facebook outburst happened and we decided to shift the angle. So the focus in the new version of TrueLove doesn’t lay on your own data but on other people’s data. With this project, we just want people to take a moment to reflect on how much personal information they’re sharing and how it could possibly be used in ways they did not intend.”

Photocredit iFlab, Ghent 2018

TrueLove is made possible by Rewind and Unlimited

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