I started experimenting with projection mapping whilst at University of California San Diego. It began as a tool for marrying my sculpture work with my film work, both autobiographical and based on interactions with nature and animals, particularly with death as a part of rural life.

As my theoretical studies grew towards my dissertation, I began thinking of these semi interactive films as having the same underpinnings, the illuminating qualities of ‘the fake’ or the illusion.

Schrödinger Cat or Home, 2013, was my final exhibit from my installation module and my final semester at UCSD. It plays out a film shot by my father at my home in England, of my 25 year old Cat who I was anxious about dying before I returned home. Also caught in this film is a typical exchange between my family which outlined an equal and opposite anxiety and fear of returning ‘home’.

Dove Box and Wants What It Wants What It Wants, 2013, where commissioned works for interactive arts events around Leeds, Vantage art Prize 3 and Temple Works, where I further explored the limits of my crude and more sculptural take on the projection mapping medium and its affecting qualities.

Skin Flick, 2014 shown in Matters Degree show, was an interactive television set where the screen was a touchable skin membrane. The overall piece was a meditation on the gaze, the viewers eye, using television or media as a stand in for the human female body.

The Moon is the Oldest TV, also shown at Matters Degree Show, was an experiment in projecting into glass, this being used to create a full room of light and sound. It was also a mediation not on the active gaze, but on the vacant stare, produced by the TV but also predating that invention. The fishbowl as signifier to the vacant aesthetic stare pre-existing the fishbowl, and the moon even older still.