I am exploring the emerging role of the new media producer. This is a figure that bridges a gap between technologies, hardware and developers and the conceptual artists who might be able to push the boundaries of storytelling in immersive and interactive media. I am excited by what the learnings of theatre makers, installation artists and performance artist might bring to the space of non fiction new media, and help overcome the challenges of the development of a language and grammar of these new forms of nonfiction experience.

I work as an independent Creative Producer, but most notable is my relationship with Jane Gauntlett, Storyteller and Virtual Reality Director. Together we made In My Shoes: Intimacy, Janes latest piece of first person POV 360 experience for two. It premiered at Sheffield Documentary Festival and is currently touring internationally, and nominated for award at Raindance(UK), Future of Storytelling (US).

We were named by Catherine Allen as ‘Women to watch in VR’ in WEARABLE’S

See more about our work together here –

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In addition to this, I work as a freelance creative producer for interactive documentaries, interactive apps and for immersive digital performance art festival Submerge.



This is a prototype I worked on in Unity for an interactive app, to coincide with a documentary about the life and works of Nikoli Tesla. The app is designed to activate and illuminate the parts of a mobile phone which are based on Tesla work; Radio, Light, Wifi etc, to highlight the relevance of Tesla’s theories, particularly about green energy, to younger mobile users. It also has a dreamy surreal quality to the in game design, based on the transcendental nature of some of Tesla’s ideas.